6 Best Apple Watch Bands for Working Out

Since its launch in 2015, the Apple Watch has undergone several upgrades and has introduced new fitness tracking features, making it a popular choice for fitness enthusiasts. If you have bought one to aid you in your fitness journey, check the best Apple Watch bands for working out.

best Apple Watch bands for working out 7

With a high-quality third-party strap, you can comfortably push through long gym sessions without experiencing any discomfort on your wrist. Apple does offer sporty, first-party Watch bands, but they are quite expensive for the asking price. As such, you might want to snag an equally polished watch strap from the list below.

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1. Lerobo Sports Band

best Apple Watch bands for working out 2

Lerobo’s affordable Apple Watch band is available in a handful of monochromatic and dual-tone shades. The sports band is compatible with 38mm to 45mm watch sizes. Make sure to pick the relevant size before hitting the buy button.

Whether you have the Apple Watch Series 1, the latest Series 8 or even the Watch Ultra, the Lerobo sports band should gel well with your wearable. The band is made up of a premium soft silicon material to prevent skin irritation. Furthermore, the band is water and dust-resistant, odorless, durable, and flexible.

It’s quite lightweight, too, and doesn’t add any heft to your wrists. The air holes in the band design offer ventilation to make it more breathable and comfortable to wear all day. The overall design resembles the official Nike band for the Apple Watch. With ample color options, you won’t have a hard time getting a favorite shade from the list.

What We Like

  • Available color options
  • Durable and soft

What We Don’t Like

  • Looks eerily similar to the Nike sports band, which might not sit well with some buyers

2. HILIMNY Band for Working Out

best Apple Watch bands for working out 3

If you are not a fan of standard or Nike-inspired Apple Watch bands, HILIMNY’s nylon strap is worth considering for your extended workouts. So much so, that it completely changes the looks of your Apple Watch in no time.

With several size options, Apple Watch compatibility shouldn’t be an issue for the HILIMNY band. The company offers six bands with your purchase. You can replace the band every month or two to keep the wearable looking fresh.

Additionally, the band addresses fit issues you might’ve experienced with other straps. To that end, the HILIMNY band features a unique clasp that lets users seamlessly adjust the length of the strap. The band’s double-layer nylon weave is skin-friendly and neatly allows sweat to escape. Notably, the HILIMNY band can be a great gift for your loved one, too.

What We Like

  • Value for money
  • Comfortable and breathable

What We Don’t Like

  • Not a universally appealing look

3. AMSKY Apple Watch Band

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Do you prefer a standard silicon sports band for your Apple Watch? Look no further and get AMSKY’s contender from the list. The company bundles six bands with your purchase, bringing the per-band cost down to what you’d spend on your morning coffee.

AMSKY’s bands support all the Apple Watch Series models. The color options are eye-popping, too. Whether you prefer vibrant colors or muted shades, you have sufficient options to choose from.

Per the brand, the straps make use of high-quality silicon for their construction. However, you should always take such claims with a pinch of salt, and the finish will eventually wear off with time. On the flip side, you get six bands with the purchase, which should last a couple of years easily. To no one’s surprise, the AMSKY Apple Watch band has received stellar reviews from users, with the majority praising the band’s build quality.

What We Like

  • Multiple color options
  • Easy installation

What We Don’t Like

  • May not dispatch sweat easily

4. Adorve Sports Band

best Apple Watch bands for working out 5

If you are tired of standard silicon Apple Watch bands, try Adorve’s nylon watch strap. It can be an ideal companion for your sweaty wrists during long gym sessions.

Adorve’s elastic watch band offers a precise fit, which ensures your Apple Watch is poised to track your heart rate properly. After all, an astute fit and convenience are two of the most important factors while working out with a smart watch. The company packs five bands with your purchase.

There are normal designs as well as funky ones available to grab from the product listing. Since it’s made of nylon, the band is extremely lightweight and skin-friendly. It’s easy to maintain and looks excellent on any wrist size.

What We Like

  • Nylon material
  • Color options
  • Pack of five

5. Tefeca Breathable Apple Watch Band

best Apple Watch bands for working out 1

Are you looking to wear your Apple Watch on your biceps or legs? If so, Tefeca’s woven nylon watch strap can be the perfect pick for you.

The Tefeca Breathable Apple Watch band maintains a secure fit and has compatibility with all Apple Watch models. Additionally, the band is soft, breathable, and lightweight. The band also eliminates any extra strap from weighing your wrists down, and it doesn’t compromise on the fit, either.

You can get the band in two finishes and opt for a mesh style or settle with one that has a mesh lycra texture. The installation is easy, and the company promises a 1-year of warranty on all straps. The color options are limited, though, and you will have to settle for a black shade.

What We Like

  • Unique offering
  • Can be worn on legs

6. Twelve South Apple Watch Band for Sweaty Wrist

best Apple Watch bands for working out 6

Up next, is an innovative offering from folks over at Twelve South. You can easily slide the Apple Watch into ActionBand or ActionSleeve and wear it on your wrist or biceps.

Twelve South doesn’t require a separate band. The Apple Watch accessory manages to hold your wearable securely and can be your perfect companion to help you through sweaty gym sessions.

You get two matching bands with your purchase. One has a cut-out for the Apple Watch, and the other one is your standard band. The band has a built-in bumper to protect your Apple Watch from slipping out.

Make sure to pick a relevant size; otherwise, your Apple Watch may fall out. The ActionSleeve is another variant to tuck the Apple Watch on your biceps. The accessory is machine-washable, and it should look as new as day one without much effort.

What We Like

  • Machine-washable
  • Perfect for working out

What We Don’t Like

  • Durability concern
  • Doesn’t offer a strong grip at times

Keep Your Body in Shape With Apple Watch

Your gym sessions can be elevated with the right Apple Watch straps. Before it leads to irritation, replace your standard Apple Watch strap with any of the options above, and you should be good to go. Do let us know which Apple Watch band you picked in the comments below.

Furthermore, the regular Apple Watch models aren’t exactly battery champs. Your wearable’s fitness tracking can take a hit due to low battery. If you frequently run into the same situation, get yourself a top power bank for Apple Watch.

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