20 Best Free AI Tools Online for Your Business or Personal Use

There has been a meteoric rise in the development of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning in the last few years. Standalone AI products have now reached the masses, and a lot of them are being integrated into everyday lives. We were quite tempted to explore these tools, so we compiled an article showcasing some of the best free AI apps to use online.

The best part about these AI tools is that you can use them straight from your web browser. We also like how well these apps are designed, as they prioritize a neat user interface along with maximizing the ease of use. So let’s begin, and explore the world of AI!

1. Dall-E 2: AI Image Generator

Dall-E 2 is a free-to-use, open-source image generator that uses artificial intelligence. It’s quite simple to use – you type what you want, and Dall-E 2 takes care of the rest to generate an image that you can download. Even when you expand your prompts into more detail and add specifics as you wish, Dall-E 2 still manages to generate a stunning image.

We’ve extensively used this tool, and we even wrote an article about making the best use of Dall-E 2 to create amazing results.

Dall-E 2 can be used for free through credits. You get 50 credits for free after signing up and are rewarded with 15 credits every month. However, you can purchase additional 115 credits for $15.

Tip: Here’s how you can save Dall-E 2 images without a watermark.

2. ChatGPT 3: An Ask-It-All AI Chatbot

When this tool went public, we had a lot of emotions running through our heads. We were at first amazed, then a bit terrified at its capabilities. You ask ChatGPT 3 anything in terms of text prompts, (and the word anything is truly boundless in this context) and it will provide you with answers.

Be it a complex coding query, a recipe for the dish that you liked at the restaurant the other day, or a script for a short movie – it gets it done. No wonder ChatGPT has been compared with Google Search since its release.

Based on the language model developed by OpenAI called GPT, it uses a deep learning-based human language model to generate human-like responses. This model was fine-tuned with a user interface to create ChatGPT and was released for public use.

It is currently free for use, although OpenAI is testing a paid version for the same. Moreover, you might face occasional network errors on ChatGPT but hopefully, its developers will soon fix the issue.

3. Midjourney: AI Tool To Create Fascinating Art

This is one of our favorite AI tools to use. Midjourney, like Dall-E 2, is also a text prompt-based image-generation tool. It mainly focuses on generating images of a specific style, inclining towards a fantasy fiction theme. What it does is indeed mind-blowing. Take a look at the images below!

We’ve always created movie or video game characters in our heads when we were kids and even gave them special powers and appearances. Midjourney helps translate this imagination into digital art. It is quite a useful tool, especially for people who are into writing and creating fantasy-fiction content.

The first 25 images in Midjourney can be generated for free, post that you need to buy a monthly subscription that starts at $8 per month to generate more images.

4. GFP-GAN: Image Restoration Tool

We all have images of special events from the past, and we do wish they were a bit clear and less grainy as it might feel like the moment wasn’t truly captured. Well, this isn’t a cause of worry anymore today, thanks to GFP-GAN.

GFP-GAN is an image restoration tool that uses Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). GANs are a type of deep learning algorithm capable of producing new, synthetic data that can be used to restore and enhance images. GFP-GAN is used for image restoration tasks such as denoising, deblurring, or super-resolution.

A few tools use the GFP-GAN APIs to develop a web application to use the features, and there is one app developed on the HuggingFace platform. All you need to do is to upload an old image, and the AI will return an enhanced and restored image.

The software is free to use and is currently in its demo version. You can use the below link to access the tool.

5. Lumen5: AI Video Generator

Lumen5 is an AI tool that converts blogs, whitepapers, and written content into videos. All it requires is a little input from your end to get the job done. You just need to paste a link to the field provided, and the tool will proceed with the video generation.

You get to choose from a bunch of templates to suit your needs. Once generated, you get a bunch of tools to edit the videos and make them your own.

Lumen5 offers both free and paid plans. While the free plan has limited features, the paid plans provide access to more advanced features and functionalities. The pricing for the paid plans starts at $49 per month.

6. Brandmark.io: Generate Brandnames Using AI

Brandmark.io is a free AI tool that helps you generate brand names based on the description of your brand. If you take a look at the image below, all we did is add our name, a few keywords, and what we do. The tool then generated a bunch of options to choose from.

If you are planning to build a personal portfolio, start a business of your own, or need a header for your social media channels, you can use this tool.

The tool gives you a free preview to use. However, you need to purchase the paid version to download it in a high resolution and the price starts at $25.

7. Riffusion: AI Beat Generator

Riffusion is a real-time music generation tool. You can instantly create tunes that you want based on your text prompts. All you need to do is to specify the music styles to get a tune that you can share and download. We had a lot of fun using this tool.

Riffusion is currently free to use and does not require any login or sign-up.

8. Copy.ai: Free AI Copywriting Tool For High-Quality Content

Copy.ai is a free copywriting service that uses AI to create copy material. All you need to do is to enter details of your product, and a brief description of the same. You then need to select the style and tone of the material, and boom – your text is ready. You have a full-blown ghostwriter for all your content writing needs at your disposal!

Copy.ai is completely free to use but does require you to sign up and use it. However, the extra effort is worth it considering how it can reduce the work massively for many.

9. Talk to Books: AI Tool to Interact With Books

Talk to Books is an AI product by Google that can be used to interact with the content written in books that are already published. It is essentially a search engine that uses advanced natural language processing to match user questions and prompts with relevant text from books.

It allows you to converse with books, as it generates responses to help you discover new perspectives and information from the indexed books. Take a look at the image below – we asked the tool a question, and it returned relevant answers from books!

TalkToBooks is fully free to use and requires no sign-up or login.

10. Replika AI: An AI Friend You Can Talk to

If you miss new episodes of Black Mirror and are awaiting a new season – don’t bother. Looks like we don’t need the concept of speculative fiction anymore because they are now a part of our reality, thanks to AI. We now have a tool called Replika, which is an AI friend that you can interact with, and become ‘friends’ with.

You can do activities together, explore real-life activities using AR, and even interact via text and video calls. Well, we’re quite intrigued, to say the least, but nevertheless, it is quite an amazing AI tool.

Replika is free to use but also has a paid version which expands the features and the capabilities of this tool. It starts at $7.99 a month.

11. Point-E: Create 3D Models

This tool is also from the house of OpenAI. Point-E helps users generate 3D models using prompts. It combines a ‘text to image’ and an ‘image to 3D model’ algorithm to generate results. The final results include a 3D model with coordinates that you can rotate and revolve in the 3D coordinate system.

Point-E is fully free to use and does not require any login or signup.

12. Notion.ai: AI Copywriting Tool

Notion.ai is yet another AI writing tool developed by Notion that you can use to generate instant copy material based on your prompts. If you have trouble starting a document, a blog, or any written content, this tool will help you out. All you need to do is to provide a prompt for Notion.ai to generate comprehensive written material.

Notion.ai is currently free in alpha and requires you to join a waitlist to use the tool.

13. LALAL.AI – Audio Stem Splitter

There’s always this one song where we appreciate the background instruments, and wish we had an instrumental version of it. You can fulfill this wish of yours using an AI tool called LALAL.AI.

This is an audio stem splitter that splits the song that you upload into instruments and vocals, which is pretty amazing. It is one of the best AI tools related to music that we have used.

You get a free version to use for up to ten minutes and to increase the limit and other features you need to purchase a premium version that starts at $15 as a one-time fee.

14. DeepBeat: AI Rap Lyrics Generator

Hip-Hop and rap inspired quite a generation, and AI is here to help you execute this inspiration. DeepBeat is an AI tool that helps you generate rhyming lyrics based on the first line that you enter alongside the theme of your rap. It is very easy to use, and is quite a fun AI to play with!

DeepBeat is free to use and does not require any login or sign-up.

15. Deep Nostalgia: Animate Old Images of Family

Deep Nostalgia is a tool that helps you animate old images using AI and it is indeed fascinating. It is primarily aimed at animating pictures of your old family members. All you need to do is to upload an image, and watch the AI work on and animate your image!

Deep Nostalgia is free to use and sign-up is optional.

16. Fireflies.ai: AI tool to Generate Notes From Your Meetings

If you have trouble keeping track of what your teammates say during your work meeting – here’s a tool you will appreciate. Fireflies.ai helps you record, transcribe, and search all of the conversations that take place during a meeting.

You can also select text from the generated transcripts and then perform quick actions for the same. It is an interesting AI tool you can use at work. Therefore, recording the minutes of the meeting is now easier than ever!

Fireflies.ai has a free version with limited features and a pro version that you can upgrade to starting at $10/month.

17. Excel Formula Bot: AI tool to Generate Formulas in Microsoft Excel

Now, we’re getting to business. This is what AI is supposed to do, and perhaps the most practical AI tool that exists in this list. If your job demands you to learn Excel but you don’t have the time to pick up that 50-hour course – fret not.

Excel formula bot is here to save the day. It generates formulae based on the text-based prompts that you can see in the image below. Ask any query related to Excel, and you get a detailed answer!

Excel formula bot is free to use with limited features but has a paid version that starts at $6.99 that expands on all the features and functionality.

18. Magic Eraser: AI Object Remover

Magic Eraser does one job – which is to remove the selected objects from an image using AI. It works like a charm, and this is quite a helpful tool sparing you a lot of time and effort otherwise spent in tools like Photoshop!

It is entirely free to use and does not require any signup.

19. Fontjoy: AI Tool to Create Font Combinations

If you are a designer and have trouble finding a good font pairing or combination – Fontjoy is here to help you. All you need to do is to provide a few filters and hit Generate, and the tool will provide you with font combinations that you can use in your design.

We appreciate how AI is not only helpful for things that are known to blow the mind but also with simple tasks like these.

Fontjoy is a fully free-to-use product and does not require any signup.

20: Namelix: AI Business Name Generator

Namelix is a free business name generator that uses AI to do so. All you need to do is to describe your product and business and you will quickly have a bunch of names that you can choose from. You also get to select the style of the name, and we quite like the variety of options to choose from!

Namelix is free to use and does not require any login or sign-up.

Enhance Your Everyday Life

That is all for this list – those were some of the best free AI tools you can use today straight from your web browser. We hope you found a few tools to add great value to your everyday life.

What’s interesting is that the AI revolution is only getting started, and we’re curious to see what’s next. Especially with the news of ChatGPT 4 in development, Google investing in AI, and Microsoft’s deal with OpenAI – AI is certainly here to take over!

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